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Student Thesis Title Year
Nidal Ali Laser Linewidth Compensation Techniques 1997
Mohammed Hayajneh Optical Fiber Feeder for Cellular Mobile Communication Systems Employing Hybrid Modulation Scheme 1998
Thaier Hayajneh A Proposed Optical Network for Video on Demand Services 1999
Abdullah Al-Olaimat Nonlinear Equalization of Multipath Fading Channels 2000
Iyad Al-Falujah Equalization of Semiconductor Laser FM Response 2000
Mahmoud A. Smadi Diversity Techniques in Coherent Optical Fiber Communication Systems 2000
Rabeh K. Abu Mesmeh Improved Demodulators for Heterodyne Optical Fiber Communication Systems 2003
Said Awad Symbol-Slicing and MIMO Receivers for Optical Fiber Communication Systems 2003
Nasser Jaradat Comparison of Combining Techniques for Fading Channels with Symbol-Slicing Receivers 2003
Abdel-Hakim Al-Hussien Performance Study of Nakagami-m Fading Channels with Correlated Unbalanced Branches 2003
Mohammad Siam Statistical Characterization of Filtered Phase Noise in Heterodyne Optical Fiber Communication Systems 2004
Ibrahim Abu Al-Haol Application of Fast Frequency Hopping CDMA in Multirate Short Range Wireless Networks 2004
Amer Maqableh Performance and Spectral Analysis of Chaos Shift Keying Communication Systems 2004
Ala’a Diab Modeling and Mitigating Time and Frequency Selective Fading 2006
Bassel Al-Nabulsi Space Time Coded OFDM Systems Based on Low-Density Parity-Check Codes Over Correlated Fading Channels 2006
Anas Salhab Co-channel Interference in Spread Spectrum MIMO Wireless Communication Systems 2007
Mohammad Al-Qadi Power Allocation Strategies in Wireless fading channels with transmit diversity 2008